If I am years old, what year was I born?

What year was I born? Wondering what year were you born if you are _ years old? What was your Birth Year/DOB? Just give your age and our free Age Calculator tells you in a second!

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The use of the “What Year was I Born” calculator

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Use the “What year was you born?” calculator to find out from someone’s age what year they were born. So basically you get answer to the following question: if someone is X years old, what is their year of birth. Enter your age in the “Age” box, or simply select it from the “How old?” box with a simple click. Then the age is calculated from the year of birth immediately.

How does the “What Year was I Born” calculator calculate?

If someone tell you their age, you cannot be sure which year they were born. Why? Let’s take a simple example! Let’s say that someone has their birthday on 15th November. This person is now 30 years old. If you say this before 15th November, they will be 31 this year. If you say this after 15th November, they have already had their 30th birthday this year.  If you want to know their date of birth, your need to subtract their age from the current date. However, this requires a different method in each cases. That's why it's important to know not only their age but also whether they have had a birthday this year.

What else can you use the “What Year was I Born” calculator for?

For example, to determine the year of birth of celebrities. If a famous person says that they are now turning/they have just turned X years old, you can use the calculator to find out what year they were born.