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Age Calculator is a free online tool to calculate the age or time difference between two dates. The calculated age will be displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and also in seconds. ✔️

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The use of the Age Calculator

Age Calculator

With the Age and Date Calculator you can easily calculate how many minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years have passed between two dates. When calculating the elapsed time, the result appears in several units of measurement. Thus the Age Calculator tells you how old you are today, how old you were on a certain day, or how old you will be on a date in the future.

Using the Age Calculator is really simple: first, enter your date of birth, then enter the date you want to calculate your age for! For example, if you enter today's date, you can find out how old exactly you are today. If you are wondering how old you will be on a certain day in the future, enter a future date! Follow a similar process if you want to know how old you were on a certain day in the past. In this case, enter the date in the past!

How does the Age and Date Calculator calculate?

The Age Calculator calculates the time elapsed between two arbitrary dates and displays it in several formats. The time elapsed between two dates can be calculated with two different methods. It is generally accepted that there is a one-month difference between 10th February and 10th March, for example. This is fine, but what if we want to calculate the time elapsed between 28th February and 31st March? If 1 month passed between 28th February and 28th March, then the difference between 28th February and 31st March is 1 month and 3 days. However, if we say that 28th February and 31st March are both the end of a month, the difference is only 1 month. The difference derives from the fact that different months have different lengths. The Age and Date Calculator is based on the first method. We believe that this is the one that gives accurate results. Yet, when age is calculated, we give you the elapsed time in as many units of measurement as possible.

What else can you use the Age and Date Calculator for?

  1. To calculate the time that elapsed between two dates.
  2. Calculating the age for today or for a certain day in the future.

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