Cat age calculator

Use this simple Cat Age Calculator to find out approximately how old your cat is in human years. Enter your cat's age in the calculator below to see the equivalent age in human years.

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The use of the Cat Age Calculator

Cat Age Calculator » How Old Is Your Cat In Human Years?

If you want to know how old your kitten is in human years, enter their current age and you will see the result immediately. Using the calculator is not complicated at all: simply enter how old (in years and months) your cat is now. If you don't feel like typing, just select the appropriate numbers in the block appearing under the calculator. Only two clicks, and you will get the exciting results immediately.

How does the Cat Age Calculator calculate?

The Cat Age Calculator uses the latest research results to determine how old your cat in human years could be. The formula used by the calculation is one of the most commonly used international algorithms for converting cat age to human age.

What else can you use the Cat Age Calculator for?

The Cat Age Calculator is also able to answer “What if?” questions. For example:

  1. If my cat is 9 years old, how old will they be in human years?
  2. When my cat was 2 years old, how old were they in human years?